Being on the Other End of Edits

I’m going to be publishing my second book of poetry soon (not soon enough for all the work publishing entails). My first book, Deep Breaths & Chocolate, is available on Amazon. So, once again, I got to be on the receiving end of corrections and comments from an editor. And yes, even an editor needs an editor. The person I turn to is Suzanne Hartwick and I highly recommend her.

Suzanne has been my editor since my last book. So this time, she didn’t need to leave a lot of comments explaining her changes. We have a really good relationship. She makes my work better. Makes me look better than I do on my own. Not that I take every suggestion. But I think long and hard before I click decline. I love that she makes me think. Makes me question myself–in a good way.

There were times that I felt like I needed to justify my choices. And in my case, we’re only talking about word choices and simple punctuation (I write minimalistic poetry after all). Slogging through a book’s worth of edits, even simple edits, is time consuming and brain numbing. I definitely have a better appreciation for what the writers for whom I work have to go through when my job is done.

I’d much rather be on the other end of the editing process.  I guess it’s a good thing it’s taken me two years between books.


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