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This site is primarily for my editing business. But every once in a while, my life as an editor intersects with my life as an author and I cross the streams. If you are an independent author-publisher, you know the agony of getting a great cover. You have to hire someone who you can work with (much like when you hire your editor) without causing either of you to rip out whatever hair you may have left. Someone who understands your vision. Someone who can work to your timetable and within your budget. Someone with talent and class (okay, class isn’t a necessity but it’s sure great to have in the package). For all of these reasons (and because he’s also a great guy), the only person who does my covers is Scott Pond. And here’s his latest…

Cheap Therapy-Front-1


We don’t have a release date yet, but as soon as we do, I’ll be letting you know.

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