I’m Sue Baiman, freelance editor, poet, mom, artist, knitter. I became an editor by accident. Many of my friends are writers and when they started self-publishing, I noticed the little things that they missed. I went from pointing out things after their books were published to being a beta reader prior to publication. At their urging, I finally got up the courage to hang out my shingle as a professional editor in 2011.

I work with writers who have day jobs. They are working their way up to writing full time. I’m in the same boat as them and paddling like hell. One thing I’ve learned from some of the writers I’ve worked with who are getting closer and closer to becoming full-time writers, is that in order to achieve that goal, you have to have an actionable plan. This website is part of that plan for me.

Up to now, every client I’ve worked with came to me through word-of-mouth advertising by my writer friends and previous clients. While it thrills me that my clients refer other writers, this website is the first step in getting my name out there and reaching a broader base of potential clients.

These days, writers have the option to not just query the major publishers or magazines, but to self-publish. I believe that self-publishing is often the better option. Between ebooks and print-on-demand, self-publishing now affords the independent writer the means to control their own destiny and make a good living doing so. However, in acting as the publisher, the writer must treat publishing like the business it is. That means not just understanding the publishing business as a whole; but working to produce a professional product, doing the marketing and PR necessary to get attention for their product, and understanding the financial and legal aspects of the business as well.

It’s in producing a professional product where I play a critical role. A writer can have an amazing story idea but if it’s executed poorly, or even if it’s well written but is riddled with typos and missing words, it will not sell. Beyond not selling, it also reflects badly on every other writer who busts their ass to self-publish. It’s one thing to offer something to readers for free. But if you’re charging money for your words, they need to be worth people’s hard earned cash. I can help you do that.

I work primarily on genre fiction but have also edited non-fiction. I enjoy mysteries, thrillers, horror, police procedurals, psychological horror, science fiction, and fantasy. That said, those are some rather broad categories and the only way to know if I’m the right editor for your story is to give me a try. I’ll look at the first 1,000-2,000 words of any novel for free. That gives me and the author a chance to decide if we’re a good match in general and if I’m the right editor for the story itself.

If you’re interested in seeing if I’m the right editor for you, please contact me at:

Sue (at) MyEditorIsSue (dot) com

My other sites:

You can find my poetry and thoughts at SueBaiman.com.

My Creativity Blog Project is at ChocolateScotch.com

If you’re into yarn, knitting, crocheting or spinning, you may want to check out my yarn and fiber blog, DyedBrightHere.