Editing Services

My goal as an editor is to help writers produce the best manuscript possible. There are three types of editing passes I can do for an author: a substantive edit, a copy edit, or proofreading.

Each person and each story is different. The end goal is the same; help the writer produce their best manuscript.

Substantive editing is copy editing and then some. This is typically a first editing pass for less experienced writers. I make suggestions on plotting and pace, character development, flow and continuity in addition to grammar, punctuation, spelling, and word choice issues. The writer will need to do a re-write after this type of editing pass.

With a copy edit, I will correct spelling, grammar, and tense errors as well as make suggestions on subtle ways the story can be improved through word choice and sentence structure changes.

Proofreading is a final pass after it has gone through a copy edit. This is the final polish prior to publication.


Free Trial:

I will review/edit a short story (or a portion of a longer story) up to 1,000 words for free. This is a once per author offer. On longer manuscripts, I will always read the first 1,000 words for free.


My current rate for a substantive edit is $10/1000 words.

My current rate for copy editing is $7/1000 words.

My current rate for proofreading is $5/1000 words.

Word count is based on the document when it is submitted to me.


Your goals will determine your needs.  If you intend to self publish your story, you should have, at the very least, a copy editing pass and a proofreading pass.  If you’re either not looking to self publish or will be submitting your manuscript to editors or agents, and you need in depth feedback, you may prefer to have a substantive editing  and a copy edit. Or, you may want to have all three.  Multiple passes are usually needed and can get expensive.  That’s why I’ve created multi-pass packages.

The works:
All three passes (Substantive Editing, Copy Editing, and Proofreading) for $17/1,000 words (a savings of $5/1,000 words, or like getting a proofreading pass for free).

Substantive and Copy Edits:
In-depth assistance followed by a thorough scrubbing so that you are ready to submit for $15/1,000 words (a savings of $2/1,000 words).

Copy Edits and a Proofreading Pass:
The spit and polish a seasoned writer needs before publishing all for $10/1,000 words (a savings of $2/1,000 words).



For manuscripts up to 50,000 words I bill half prior to starting and half after completion.

For manuscripts over 50,000 words, I will divide the manuscript into sections of approximately 20,000 words and bill the author at the start of each section.

I usually bill through PayPal but am flexible on payment methods.


Contact me:

If you have any questions, or wish to submit a story for review, please contact me via email at Sue (at) myeditorissue (dot) com.

I require any document that is submitted be in Standard Manuscript Format or Scrivener file.