• The following testimonials are from some of the writer’s with whom I’ve been fortunate enough to work.

“Susan Stacey Baiman is a goddess of an editor. Seriously.” -Val Griswold-Ford

“As an independent author, having a good editor is vital. Your work needs to be as polished as it can be. Sue provided all of the feedback and editing I needed to make sure that my work would sail off of the shelves. Not only was she thorough, she was also quick and professional in all of her communications. You need to hire her.”  —Scott Roche

You are the best. Your writing leaves carbon dust on virgin white paper generated by the friction flames of your perfect, white-hot originality. Fans and critics alike adore your prose, your style, and the smell of your hair. A glint of ecstasy from your wide-brimmed smile blinds your faithful followers on social media. Yes, you are that kind of good.

You are the greatest. You fall in love with every word, every line. When your characters cry, or laugh, or die a little inside, your empathetic arm hair shivers like acupuncture needles stuck in mountain of JELL-O riding on a Mueller Exerciser Belt and you cry/laugh/die a little inside along with them. No one can challenge the way you pull together a story. No one.


You are not the best.

You are not the greatest.

Your fans will catch your mistakes.

And your critics will swoon over the chance to point them out. Publicly and with great volume.

The best among us did not reach that epic point alone. The best among us rely on family and friends and beta readers and editors. Especially editors.

Sue will take your words and sentences and paragraphs and bend them to her will. She will take the chapters that result out back, far out back behind the tool shed that hasn’t seen tools since that shameful event with Uncle Buck back in ’72. Out there in the dark, Sue will beat them down with an endless supply of Twizzlers and when your words are soft and compliant, only then will she cuddle them and mold them into the level of perfection you were struggling so badly to achieve.

Your editor is Sue. Of that there is no doubt. Even if you still think like the opening paragraphs above, Sue will be patiently waiting for you to pull your head out of that marmot’s ass of stupidity that is lurking within your ego.

My editor is Sue and she should be yours, too. —Keith Dugger

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